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Mobile Laboratories


Environmental projects of high sensitivity and compressed timelines can require on-site laboratory support. TestAmerica has a fleet of mobile laboratories equipped to address virtually any testing application that can be done in a fixed base lab. Typical on-site projects completed by TestAmerica include site assessments, investigations, remediation, plume delineation, groundwater monitoring, natural attenuation, soil gas surveys and perimeter air monitoring.

Mobile lab analytical results are available for review in the field immediately upon completion. Results are provided after each analysis with final hard copy report provided upon completion of the sample delivery group. Data is also made available via the TotalAccess system for remote project support personnel.

TestAmerica also has an extensive history assisting clients with outsourced management of their on-site laboratory facilities. Utilizing a customer service based business model that employs commercial laboratory best practices, TestAmerica assists clients with:

• Analytical instrument procurement and maintenance
• Lab supply procurement and inventory management
• Vendor selection and management
• Establishing and managing performance metrics
• Managing operation and staffing schedules
• Work load planning and surge capacity management
• Developing internal and external client feedback systems
• Records management and storage.


TestAmerica's on-site lab management programs helps clients achieve their goals of cost reduction, process improvement and system optimization. Our strategy, which is employed throughout our industry's leading network of labs, drives focus on cost control, productivity improvement and increased customer satisfaction. mobile_lab_images_2.png