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New Refrigerated Shipping Service!


Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016

TestAmerica has entered into an agreement with FedEx that provides refrigerated storage of our coolers when they are delayed in transit. Temperature control labels were recently sent to all TestAmerica locations by FedEx and the program will begin in late August. All TestAmerica sites will begin using these labels when sending temperature sensitive coolers. Please note that this service is available for domestic United States shipments only.

The procedure is simply as follows:

  1. Use the temperature control labels for all temperature sensitive shipments.
  2. Mark the label as appropriate (simply check the “Refrigerated/Cold” box).
  3. Apply the label to the cooler on the same side as the airway bill.

We are thankful for your business and hope that this new program will mitigate the risks of temperature issues when coolers are delayed at the Fed Ex hub.  Please contact your project manager if you have any questions.

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8/17/2016   New Refrigerated Shipping Service!