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Webinar on Environmental Laboratory Testing Procedures

Event Announcement

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016

TestAmerica, the leader in environmental testing, is pleased to announce the third webinar in a four part series focused on data quality and efficiency in environmental projects. The webinar, hosted by TestAmerica expert Karla Buechler, is entitled Inside the ‘Black Box’ of an Environmental Testing Laboratory – Basic Analytical Procedures, and will be held on Tuesday, April 26 at 1:30PM EST.

The inner workings of an environmental laboratory are often misunderstood and referred to as a “black box” in which samples enter and data is created. The ultimate goal of any environmental sampling program is to generate valid, legally defensible data. Thus, it is advantageous for environmental professionals to possess a basic understanding of laboratory processes.

The webinar will deliver an overview of basic laboratory procedures, and will provide guidance on information that should be shared between the sampling team and the laboratory to ensure the success of the sampling event. Ms. Buechler will discuss current methodologies available for the analysis of samples, including organic and inorganic methods, and when each type of method is appropriate. Following the presentation, participants are encouraged to ask questions to further their knowledge about laboratory procedures.

Ms. Buechler, Technical Director for TestAmerica, has more than 30 years’ experience in the environmental testing industry. She has held positions in Laboratory Management, Project Management and has extensive experience with a wide variety of complex regulatory programs, including Department of Defense, ambient and source air testing and emerging contaminants. In her current role, she is a principal technical resource, overseeing the technical quality of analytical services provided, and providing technical assistance to laboratory personnel and clients.



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