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Do you have an environmental testing question? If so, whom should you ask? A chemistry generalist? Or an expert who specializes in the field of chemistry you are inquiring about?


If you'd like to dialogue with an expert, TestAmerica's Experts are ready to assist you. As The LEADER in Environmental Testing, TestAmerica is proud to present its industry leading team of testing experts, each with a specific area of focus, poised to assist you in your pursuit of solutions.

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TestAmerica Experts    

Dr. Ariunaa Jalsrai


Senior Mycologist, EMLab P&K, a TestAmerica company

Dr. Christopher Rigell

Quality Assurance Plan Development

Lab Director, TestAmerica

David Herbert

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCP)

Business Development Manager, TestAmerica

Eric Redman

Dioxins, PCBs, Explosives, and Endocrine Disruptors

Corporate Director of Technical Services, TestAmerica

Dr. Joseph Edwin

Mass Spectral Chemistry

Data Review Analyst, TestAmerica

Larry Matko

Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework

Technical Director, TestAmerica

Larry Penfold

Quality Assurance for Federal Programs

Quality Compliance Director, TestAmerica

Dr. Mark Bruce

Metals Speciation

Corporate Technical Director, TestAmerica

Dr. Michael Berg

Molecular Diagnostics and Indoor Air Quality

Regional Director, EMLab P&K, a TestAmerica company

Mike Dunn

Hydrocarbon Chemistry

Technical Director, TestAmerica

Mike McGee, MS, CIH

Industrial Hygiene

Laboratory Director, TestAmerica

Patricia McIsaac

Sediments and Tissues

Industry Marketing Manager, TestAmerica

Raymond Frederici

Quality Assurance and Data Integrity Systems

Corporate Quality Director, TestAmerica

Dr. Richard Burrows

Method Development

Corporate Technical Director, TestAmerica

Rob Patterson

Source Air Emissions

President, TestAmerica Air Emissions Corp. a TestAmerica company

Taryn McKnight

Air, Vapor, Gas Testing

Client Relations Manager, TestAmerica

Terry Romanko


Technical Director, TestAmerica

Timothy Knollmeyer

On-Site Laboratory Operations

Regional Service Center Manager, TestAmerica

Dr. William Anderson

Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis

Senior Chemical and Analytical Project Consultant, TestAmerica