TestAmerica Expert to speak at Developing Unconventional Gas (DUG) East Conference

TestAmerica's Dr. Jack Tuschall, General Manager and technical expert, will demonstrate how the analytical monitoring program can support regulatory requirements and challenges, as well as the desired objectives of the natural gas exploration industry. 

Environmental concerns have heightened in the industry and within local communities as unconventional exploration activities have rapidly grown across the nation. In response to environmental protection issues and public responsibility, exploration firms have been looking for responsive support and analytical services in this area. Implementing a well-constructed analytical strategy is the primary premise in helping reduce the risks involved with exploration. Dr. Tuschall will present on how to avoid the common pitfalls in designing and conducting analytical monitoring at a drilling site. 

The following is an abstract of the presentation that Dr. Tuschall will present at the DUG East Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on November 4, 2010.


Environmental Monitoring of Drilling Operations: Ensuring Results Meet Crucial Objectives

The environmental aspects of hydraulic fracturing are a growing liability, requiring sound analytical data to support responsible drilling activities.  Monitoring data are frequently subject to challenges by various governmental and private interests, so any monitoring program needs a solid framework to stand up to such challenges.  

This presentation will describe how to avoid common pitfalls in designing and conducting analytical monitoring at a hydraulic fracturing drilling site, including data for air, drinking water, surface water, drilling spoils, and flowback water.  Specifically, the talk will describe the following key points:                       

  • How to recognize data that is useless for intended purposes, either in its quality or the breadth of analyses.
  • Pre-empting common challenges to the integrity of analytical monitoring data.  
  • Avoiding the cost of performing unnecessary analyses
  • Eliminating risk of not having necessary monitoring data to support the potential environmental impacts at an individual drilling site.

Every drilling effort needs to enlist precautions to ensure monitoring data meets desired objectives.  The presentation will describe specific aspects of the four points below:

  • Legally defensible product - composition and key attributes to withstand challenges.
  • Attributes of high quality analytical results that meet project objectives.
  • Wise use of analytical dollars to procure the right balance of testing parameters and frequency. 
  • How to design an analytical program that anticipates emerging environmental regulations.

Dr. Tuschall has more than 25 years of extensive experience in managing full-service analytical laboratories and analytical methods development. He also serves as TestAmerica's Director of Best Practices, driving best practices throughout TestAmerica. For more information on analytical services involved with natural gas exploration, please contact Dr. Tuschall through TestAmerica's Ask the Expert website.




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