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Eurofins TestAmerica – A Corporate Socially Responsible Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eurofins TestAmerica is proud to be the leader in environmental testing and data deliverables, providing services that enable clients to make decisions that positively impact the environment.   Our laboratories and all our support functional groups are guided by the core values of quality, service, integrity, and environmental leadership; and operating as a socially accountable business is firmly embedded in everything that we do. Our approach to the environment, the workplace, and the communities, in which we operate, contribute to and shape our business strategies. In that spirit of environmental stewardship, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability processes take into account the social, ethical, and environmental impacts that our activities have on our employees, local communities, and the global community we serve.

At Eurofins TestAmerica, we believe that our growth and advancement must be accompanied by sustainable environmental conservation.  Our planet and societies will not be able to develop in a positive manner without a healthy environment. Environmental testing is fundamental to maintaining the viability of our planet, recovering natural resources, and managing water resources and waste efficiently. These are the reasons we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities by applying environmental best practices, responsible resource consumption, and proper waste management.

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Contribution

The foundational blocks of our CSR and Sustainability Framework are not novel or new. We have been consciously working on sustainability initiatives for many years, and will continue to build upon our progress and implementation of initiatives that are both socially responsible and sustainable solutions.  Examples of our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Supply Chain Management: Working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental performance, and cooperatively seeking opportunities to reduce our collective carbon footprint relative to the delivery of services to the Eurofins TestAmerica network, and our clients.
  • Charitable & Community Support: Encouraging the support of local and national charitable organizations, as well as other initiatives that assist local communities connected to our business and employees. Our employees frequently participate in environmental sustainability community programs to promote green living and environmental awareness in their communities.
  • Public Policy: Working with government agencies, regulators and policymakers, we seek to aid in the improved quality of analytical methods, ensuring consistent delivery of legally defensible data.

Process Optimization and Waste Minimization

Eurofins TestAmerica monitors our use and handling of a variety of chemicals and solvents used in our daily operational activities. Best practices have been defined across our business sectors to minimize solvent usage, and reduce waste and air emissions based on the potential impacts to the environment. These solutions have included the following:

  • Recycling and reduction of solvent and chemical waste streams, whenever possible.
  • Minimizing solvent usage by reducing volumes required during sample preparation and analysis.
  • Use of efficient high-tech instrumentation such as microwave, solid phase and soxtherm extractions, which provide for up to a 75% reduction in solvent use versus traditional technologies.
  • Through continued method enhancements, the sample volumes required for many analyses have been drastically reduced, thus minimizing the number and weight of containers required for each sampling event. This Lower Volume Initiative also allows for reduced shipping volume, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as a reduction in laboratory waste.

Travel Efficiency

Eurofins TestAmerica measures vehicle mileage each month on a lab-by-lab basis across our entire business. As part of this review, best practices have been defined across the business to reduce air emissions and the potential impacts to the environment. These solutions include:

  • The addition of service center locations to extend  Eurofins TestAmerica’s footprint in various geographies, maximizing logistical efficiencies, and reducing our road and air transportation impacts.
  • Utilization of modern, fuel efficient courier vehicles, to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • Focus on the logistical routing and management of courier routes to minimize travel time.
  • Increased utilization of Web-based meetings to support both internal and external conference calls and presentations, mitigating air and car travel.

Facility Design and Operation

Our laboratories and service centers have been designed and modified to provide on-going sustainability initiatives, including electrical, lighting and HVAC efficiency, as well as a focus on our facility footprints, sample storage and employee comfort and satisfaction in their working environment.

Reduction in the Use of Paper

The environmental testing business has traditionally been a very high user of paper both in the analytical process, as well as final hard copy data reports. Eurofins TestAmerica has, and continues to, focus on internal systems and external deliverables, with the mission of achieving a paperless environment.

Since 2005, Eurofins TestAmerica has reduced its paper usage by over 95%.  Our online secure data service, TotalAccess, makes data reports, status information, and invoices available to clients electronically.  High quality, automated, and searchable .pdf analytical reports are primarily delivered electronically through email, web portal or TotalAccess, thus reducing paper usage, as well as packing material and mailing.