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Quality and Ethics | Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories

Quality and Ethics

Leadership in Quality and Ethics

Eurofins TestAmerica maintains leadership positions with a variety of environmental trade associations, regulatory review boards, and lab industry steering committees. Eurofins TestAmerica's leadership helps to shape how analytical solutions are brought to market, sets the standard for quality and ethics, and challenges conventional wisdom to drive an industry culture of continuous improvement. Eurofins TestAmerica holds active leadership positions in each of the following organizations:

  • NELAC - National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference
  • ITRC - Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council
  • ACIL - American Council of Independent Laboratories
  • SAME - Society of American Military Engineers
  • AWMA - Air & Waste Management Association

Quality Assurance

Eurofins TestAmerica is committed to providing the highest quality data in the environmental testing industry. To ensure that data produced and reported meets the requirements of our clients and complies with municipal, state, and federal regulations, we maintain a quality system that is clear, effective, well communicated, and supported at all levels of the organization. 

Under the supervision of the Corporate Quality Director, Eurofins TestAmerica has instituted a culture of quality and ethics that is a product of its organizational design, comprehensive training programs, and industry leading systems of checks and balances. Eurofins TestAmerica quality programs are governed by a corporate quality manual that defines our business policies and management practices, and articulates our systems for quality control, quality assessment, and quality improvement. Our policies include the following:

  • Provide high quality, consistent, and objective environmental testing services that meet all federal, state, and municipal regulatory requirements
  • Generate data that are scientifically sound, legally defensible, meet project objectives, and are appropriate for their intended use
  • Build continuous improvement mechanisms into all laboratory, administrative, and managerial activities
  • Maintain a working environment that fosters open communication with both clients and staff

Eurofins TestAmerica analyzes Proficiency Test (PT) samples as required for accreditation and as outlined in the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC). Each facility participates in the PT program semiannually for each area of testing and matrix for which it is certified.  Laboratory scores are monitored to ensure continuous improvement and sustained high achievement. Eurofins TestAmerica consistently ranks above industry-wide proficiency testing norms.

The Eurofins TestAmerica network of laboratories collectively maintains laboratory certifications, accreditations and/or approvals in all states that have available programs. Eurofins TestAmerica is an active member of the NELAC community, chairing a number of committees and participating in the development and implementation of the national standards, now set as requirements under the program.  Eurofins TestAmerica maintains accreditations with sufficient redundancy between laboratories to enable work sharing on a national, regional and local level.  This includes maintaining redundant method capabilities and technologies to manage large program sample volumes.

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Integrity or Ethics Issues = Stop Work

Within Eurofins TestAmerica, the QA Manager has the final authority to accept or reject data and to stop work in progress in the event that procedures and practices compromise the validity and integrity of analytical data. The QA Manager position is intentionally independent of laboratory operations with a reporting relationship to the Quality Director. Eurofins TestAmerica also has extensive procedures in place to prevent and detect ethics violations.  Our comprehensive quality and ethics programs have been in place for more than 20 years and are among the most rigorous in the industry.  Compliance with data integrity rules supersedes all other requirements and is the cornerstone of our reputation. 

Upon hire and annually thereafter, all employees must review our Ethics and Quality Assurance policies and sign an Employee Ethics Statement as evidence of their commitment to abide by the Ethics Policy. In signing the ethics statement, employees are making a commitment to the Company, clients, co-workers and themselves that they will not engage in unethical behavior.  They are also making a commitment that they will report any instances of unethical behavior observed.   We provide a 1-800 hotline and a confidential web based system that allows employees to confidentially and anonymously report any ethics or quality related issues.  An additional routine “check” in our quality and ethics program is the use of electronic audit trails in LIMs and our chromatography systems.

Health and Safety

It is Eurofins TestAmerica policy that all work will be conducted in a manner that is safe to the employee, the community and the environment. We believe that every employee can work without injury or unreasonable exposure to hazardous work conditions. We further believe that all work can be done in a manner that protects the environment.

The Eurofins TestAmerica Environmental Health & Safety Director (EHSD) ensures our commitment to operating a safe and environmentally sound business is not compromised. Under the supervision of the EHSD, each business unit has a designated Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator (EHSC), who is responsible for ensuring that health and safety operating policies and practices are adhered to at all levels of the operating unit they oversee.