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Life at Eurofins TestAmerica

A Focus on People

Eurofins TestAmerica attributes its success to the professionalism and technical expertise of its people. Each person contributes directly to the company's growth and success. Eurofins TestAmerica has made a commitment to our employees to help them achieve both personal and professional success.

Eurofins TestAmerica employs exceptional people who welcome challenges. We value and reward high performance, hard work, honesty and teamwork. Eurofins TestAmerica employees hold themselves accountable to the highest standards of ethics, trust, and quality. These high professional standards, coupled with unparalleled technical leadership, decidedly set Eurofins TestAmerica apart from the competition.

Why Join Eurofins TestAmerica?

Considering joining Eurofins TestAmerica? Here are just a few reasons why we think you'll love working here:

  1. Our solid reputation as a leader in our field
  2. Opportunities to progress in your career, no matter what path you take
  3. Career options for all levels - from interns to new graduates to experienced professionals
  4. The opportunity to work with some of the most talented and brilliant experts in the industry
  5. Involvement in creating innovative solutions that are designed to meet our customers' ever-changing needs
  6. The ability to leave your own personal stamp on people and projects
  7. A diverse working environment where differences are embraced and leveraged
  8. The opportunity to join a company that's committed to the community and the environment
  9. Participation in development opportunities designed to provide personal and professional growth
  10. Comprehensive, market competitive employee compensation and benefits programs