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Client Services Organization

Improving the Client Experience

TestAmerica’s client services organization (CSO) is an independent, national organization that shares resources throughout the company, improving the client experience through better communication, more accurate project set-up and by improving first time quality through the delivery of accurate reports and invoices.

There are many benefits to how TestAmerica and the CSO function as a network. Standards enable us to set-up projects consistently and without variation by facility. We have clear expectations for project content, which result in more complete project builds and fewer “on the fly” changes at the time of sample login. Consistent project content and formatting help reduce confusion and re-work and facilitates easier project transition between project managers when covering absences.

Upon initiation of a laboratory project, the Project Manager (PM) becomes the single point of contact, assisting clients locally, regionally or across the organization. PMs work as partners with our clients, providing high quality and easy to use deliverables through the use of standard systems, practices, and procedures. They work with clients to understand project requirements and then effectively communicate those needs to laboratory staff, regardless of the laboratory location.

Client Relations Managers coordinate, develop and deliver responsive quotes and proposals to clients and transition project details to PMs and operations.

Program Managers support large programmatic clients who utilize multiple laboratories and require a consistent application of their complex programs across our network.


Client Location

Manages Relationship

Manages tactical deliverables
Accountable for reports and routine interaction

Manages scoping and quoting for new projects

Supports your local and regional regulatory and technical needs

Manages sample collection, pick up and delivery in targeted geographic markets