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Cooler Packing Instructions | Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories

Cooler Packing Instructions

Cooler Packing Instructions

Sampling Supplies Provided by Eurofins TestAmerica

In setting up a project with your Eurofins TestAmerica Project Manager, we will work with the project team to provide all the supplies from the laboratory required for your project to safely and securely return the samples to our laboratory. The routine supplies which we will provide from the laboratory include:

  • Sample coolers
  • Appropriate sample containers, with preservatives if required   
  • SDS, if required
  • Chain(s) of Custody
  • Shipping order form
  • Security seals
  • Packing material, including bubble wrap and bags
  • Absorbent Pad
  • Liner Bag
  • Return Address Label
  • Return Shipping Lab
  • Labels to indicate special requirements including Short Hold Time, Rush and Temperature Control

PLEASE NOTE: If you have samples which are not routine or could be considered hazardous goods, please contact your Project Manager to discuss the appropriate shipping requirement to comply with Department of Transportation [DOT] and International Air Transport Association [IATA] requirements. If any samples are considered or known hazardous materials, they must be shipped in accordance with DOT 49 CFR 172.101 (c)(11) and IATA Regulations.

Cooler Packing Instructions

To support our clients, Eurofins TestAmerica has developed a best practice on how to pack a cooler to ship routine environmental samples back to our laboratories based on all the supplies listed above.

We have documented our best practice in this  2 page document Cooler Packing Instructions.

For a  detailed, step by instructions on our best practice how to pack a cooler, Eurofins TestAmerica has developed a short presentation Cooler Packing Instructions for Routine Environmental Samples.  The presentation can also be viewed on TestAmerica's YouTube channel.

Cooler packing instructions are available in Spanish as well. Best practices are provided in Spanish 2 page document Cooler Packing Instruction. We also have step by step Cooler Packing Instructions in Spanish on TestAmerica’s YouTube channel.

Eurofins TestAmerica also offers a semi-annual Webinar on the “Field Sampler and the Laboratory.”  To request access to this most recent webinar, please go to this page and request access to this as well as any webinar via patricia.mcisaac@testamericainc.com