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Logistics and On-Site Services | Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories

Logistics and On-Site Services

Eurofins TestAmerica provides coolers, packing material, certified pre-cleaned bottles with applicable preservatives, and chains of custody directly to the sampling site or office.  We also provide courier services for the delivery of bottles and supplies to the field and for pick up of samples when needed by the client. 

On-Site Support and Same Day Testing Services

Environmental projects with compressed timelines, public or regulatory scrutiny and expensive on-site equipment may require on-site sample management services and/or the expedited delivery of data, often on the same day that samples are received.  Eurofins TestAmerica offers a suite of services that assist clients with the management of field samples and the “same day” delivery of data.  These services help clients achieve their goals of cost reduction, process improvement and system optimization.

On-Site Sample Management Office Support

Eurofins TestAmerica’s on-site Sample Management Office (SMO) service helps clients minimize chain of custody and documentation errors, improve on-site processes associated with sample management and handling, and support overall logistics.  SMO personnel reduce complexity associated with supplies inventory and management, courier management, communication and logistics and reduce overall cost of management and risk. The key functions of the SMO are to:

  • Be the primary communication contact and on-site lead with the project team
  • Support incident responses
  • Manage sample logistics from the site to Eurofins TestAmerica
  • Provide on-site customer support
  • Lead Eurofins TestAmerica team internal calls on project status and needs
  • Participate in the client’s daily update meeting on project status, as needed.

Local Fixed Facility Support with Same Day Service

Many projects that require the same day delivery of data are in close proximity to Eurofins TestAmerica’s fixed site laboratories.  In these cases, Eurofins TestAmerica provides support services from our closest fixed based location.  To meet the need for same day delivery, we operate 24/7 in the departments that provide the required test methods.  Data is reviewed and then reported via TotalAccess®, our 24/7, online data portal. 

On-Site Laboratory Services Using Existing Facility Space

In some cases, project sites have vacant building space available for the set up and operation of a sample management office and/or laboratory services.  In these cases, Eurofins TestAmerica will lease or move laboratory equipment and personnel to the site to provide real time on-site support.

Mobile Laboratories

Eurofins TestAmerica has mobile laboratories available to support projects in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  We will also lease portable laboratory space and configure and deploy it for long term projects.  Mobile lab analytical results are available for review in the field immediately upon completion. Results are provided after each analysis with final hard copy report provided upon completion of the sample delivery group. Data is also made available via the TotalAccess® system for remote project support personnel.