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Report Formats

Easy to Read, Fully Searchable and Color Coded

TestAmerica has developed a portfolio of report formats to meet the needs of all of your testing programs.  Our easy to read, fully searchable, color coded reports provide the data you need to quickly make informed decisions. 

Choosing the right report format ensures that you receive data that is compliant with regulatory programs.  It can also significantly reduce your review time and data management costs.

To ensure you receive the information you need, our reports formats vary, including additional quality control information in each progressively larger and more detailed report.  Spanning from a level 1 to a level 4, our reports fall into one of the following categories:


  • Level 1 reports include a brief narrative, results and chain of custody documents only.
  • Level 2 reports include all of the elements of a level 1 report, plus basic batch QC results (i.e. MS/MSD, LCS, MB, etc.).
  • Level 3 reports include all of the elements of a level 2 report, plus forms
    from the
    instrument for organics and metals analyses.
  • Level 4 reports include all of the elements of a level 3 report, and also include all instrument raw data and chromatograms.


In addition to our standard report formats, TestAmerica has also developed reports in conjunction with several federal and state regulatory agencies to ensure the appropriate reporting of data for each program. 

For additional information on our report formats, please click here to view our Deliverables brochure. 

Reports are available in PDF format, via e-mail, CD or through our online data portal, TotalAccess®.  Offering 24/7 online access to data, regulatory limits, deliverables and data trending, TotalAccess® is a complimentary, value-added service that allows you to manage all aspects of your laboratory experience from your web browser. 

To learn more about TotalAccess® - please click here

To view a sample of a Level II report - please click here