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How to Successfully Execute an International Sampling Program

Event Announcement

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018

About This Webinar:

This presentation will focus on International environmental projects where it is both cost effective and technically sound to have a U.S. based laboratory performing chemical analyses in support of your sampling program. As one may expect, logistics and the safe shipping of sample kits to your project location and the return of collected samples to the laboratory is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle. How to get soil, water and air samples quickly cleared by the US Customs Border Patrol and within temperature and holding time will be discussed.

TestAmerica offers our clients a large choice of diverse products and services around the world which may not be available in your project location. Our experience, state of the art instrumentation, and updated methodology is at your fingertips.


Topics the Presentation Will Cover:

  • Logistical support
  • Data acceptance in various countries
  • Diversity of specialty analytics
  • Experience & Environmental Leadership
  • Reliability - Dependability in data and compliance
  • Tips for the International shipment of environmental samples
  • Example Shipping Documents


Who Should Attend?

  • Environmental Consultants & Engineers working internationally
  • Industrial & Commercial Property Owners/Representatives with Overseas Locations


A question and answer session will immediately follow the presentation. At the conclusion of each webinar, you will be asked for your feedback and opinions for future webinar topics to be developed by TestAmerica.

December 11, 2018