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Vapor Intrusion, Part 2

Event Announcement

Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

About This Webinar:


The overall process of collecting and reporting quality data when investigating the vapor intrusion pathway can be challenging to navigate. This presentation will focus on best practices and considerations for selecting analytical methods and determining laboratory quality requirements to accurately assess vapor intrusion and support risk management decisions.

The presentation will be given from the perspective of an environmental testing laboratory and our 30 years of air testing experience, including Vapor Intrusion investigations.

Topics Presented:

  • Regulatory overview and framework
  • Analytical methodologies and challenges for soil gas, sub-slab & indoor air
  • Screening Levels - VISLs, attenuation factors and detection limits
  • Current Technologies - from passive to real time
  • Managing an air project with the laboratory; what you need to know


 April 13, 2021