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Decommissioning Lab Testing |Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories


Complexity of Decommissioning Efforts

The decommissioning of physical assets can be a complex process from an environmental prospective.  Throughout the process, both anticipated and unanticipated constituents of concern may be identified in the building material that must be handled with appropriate levels of caution and care.  It can often prove challenging to collect representative samples from bulky debris, and failure to do so can result in reduced quality and biased data.  Eurofins TestAmerica has extensive experience with appropriate and effective sub-sampling techniques for a wide range of challenging matrices, reducing your risk of inaccurate data and unnecessary future sampling events.

In addition to standard waste characterization testing at decommissioning sites, regulators often require specialized analyses for asbestos, lead based paint, caulking and air monitoring.  Partnering with a laboratory that can provide the expertise and analytical capabilities to provide all of these services will reduce your time spent coordinating vendors, as well as lessen your financial burden and risk.

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Capabilities in Support of Decommissioning Projects

Eurofins TestAmerica is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive laboratory support from our network of 24 laboratories, in conjunction with nearly 40 local service centers providing logistical support throughout the United States.  Our analytical methods utilize US EPA’s SW-846 guidance, ensuring reliable and reproducible results that are compliant with regulatory guidelines. 

Our network supports the analysis of many common constituents of potential concern (COPCs) which can include volatiles, semi-volatiles including PAHs, pesticides, PCB Aroclors, metals, and petroleum products using GRO, DRO & ORO and other analytical methods.  In addition to these standard methods, Eurofins TestAmerica offers ambient air testing for volatiles, PAHs, metals, PCB aroclors and other common constituents, as well as asbestos and microbial testing through our sister-company, EMLab P&K.  We also offer a full suite of waste characterization parameters in support of material disposal at TSCA, RCRA Subtitle C and D facilities.

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

Eurofins TestAmerica provides a single source solution for your laboratory needs as they relate to asset decommissioning. Partnering with one laboratory vendor reduces the complexity of field operations, allowing you to devote your time to other more productive activities.  Our network is linked together through a common laboratory information management system (LIMS), ensuring adequate capacity and allowing us to seamlessly deliver data that meet your needs.  Results from all Eurofins TestAmerica labs are delivered in one, easy to read report, excel file or electronic deliverable.  Data is also available 24/7 on our online portal, TotalAccess, making data retrieval and analysis efficient and convenient whether you’re at your desk or at the site.