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Twenty Years of Department of Energy Support From Eurofins TestAmerica

Eurofins TestAmerica has been supporting the Department of Energy (DOE) with laboratory support services for nearly two decades.  As the nation’s largest environmental laboratory network, Eurofins TestAmerica offers the DOE and its contractors an unmatched portfolio of services including chemical, physical and radiochemical analyses on a variety of different matrices including soil, sediment, sludge, groundwater, surface water, waste matrices and building materials such as wood, concrete, metals, and painted materials.  

Each of the laboratories listed below participate in the DOE’s Consolidated Audit Program (DOECAP).  The DOECAP program was developed to improve the quality of environmental data produced at commercial laboratories supporting DOE sites, while also offering DOE Program Managers the confidence they need to ensure that data is both high-quality and legally defensible.  Of the laboratories listed below, Eurofins TestAmerica St. Louis provide radiochemistry services and hold comprehensive radioactive materials licenses.


Eurofins TestAmerica St. Louis

Eurofins TestAmerica Denver

Eurofins TestAmerica Knoxville

Eurofins TestAmerica Sacramento

Eurofins TestAmerica actively supported the DOD Environmental Data Quality Workgroup (EDQW) and the Department of Energy (DOE) joint  initiative to develop a single quality document referred to as the Department of Defense/ Department of Energy Consolidated Quality Systems Manual (DOD/DOE QSM). Eurofins TestAmerica is directly involved in reviewing and suggesting improvements to all seven modules of the document on an ongoing basis, including the recently released DOD/DOE QSM Version 5.3.  Eurofins TestAmerica is accredited to QSM Version 5.1.1, and continues to support historical versions QSM versions 5.0 and 4.2,  Eurofins TestAmerica quality systems are in compliance with QSM Version 5.3, and all Eurofins TestAmerica DOD/DOE facilities are scheduled to be audited and accredited to this version by 12/31/19, one year prior to the deadline established by EDQW.

Eurofins TestAmerica DOE Project Experience

Eurofins TestAmerica participates in many studies conducted in and around Department of Energy plants located in Oak Ridge, TN and Kansas City, MO.  Concerns over PCB levels contained in native fish tissues resulted in the establishment of several biomonitoring studies. Eurofins TestAmerica began supporting the projects during the 2006 monitoring event analyzing more than 300 fish and clams over the last three years for PCB aroclors by SW 8082 and for PCB congeners by 1668A.  Dragonflies were also analyzed for PCB congeners by 1668A. 

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