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Benzene Fenceline

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Overview

On September 29, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) issued the final Risk and Technology Review and New Performance Standards for refineries. The rule is based on two emissions standards already in place at refineries: the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants From Petroleum Refineries (Refinery MACT 1 and MACT 2). The rule adds emission control requirements for storage tanks, flares and coking units and also requires the monitoring of air concentrations at the fenceline of refineries.

Methods 325A and 325B were included in the final rule. These methods provide details on how refineries are to deploy passive samplers at the fenceline of their facility to collect fugitive emission data for benzene.  Passive diffusive sampling tubes are to be placed along the fenceline to measure the ambient air concentration at each sampling location over a 14 day period. The samplers consist of a small inert coated stainless steel tube filled with an adsorbent material. One end of the tube is capped with a mesh cover that allows the ambient air to diffuse on to the adsorbent material.

Under the final rule, existing sources will be required to deploy samplers no later than January of 2018.

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Benzene Fenceline Capabilities

Eurofins TestAmerica Sacramento has been analyzing ambient air and source emission samples for more than 20 years. The laboratory uses Perkin Elmer Automated Thermal Desorption (ATD) gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) equipment to achieve the detection limits required by Method 325B.

Eurofins TestAmerica uses Carbopack X sorbent tubes, one of three sorbents specified in the method. Tubes are conditioned and blank checked for cleanliness prior to distribution to the field. Tubes must be used within 30 days of conditioning. Analysis is then conducted using the Perkin Elmer ATD GC/MS.

The Eurofins TestAmerica Difference

Eurofins TestAmerica views Benzene Fenceline Monitoring as a long term partnership with our clients.  We understand the complexities of adhering to new regulations, and we have built a program to work with you through each step of the process from planning to sampling and data reporting.  Once data is generated, choose from one of our hundreds of report and electronic data deliverable formats to ensure that your data is in the format that you need for easy interpretation and reporting.