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Groundwater and Leachate Monitoring

Eurofins TestAmerica's Support of Long Term Groundwater and Leachate Monitoring

Eurofins TestAmerica partners with clients performing routine groundwater monitoring at landfill sites across the nation, utilizing a programmatic approach to lower costs and mitigate client risk.  Our programmatic approach to groundwater monitoring includes many services including sampling support, industry leading laboratory analyses, and customized data delivery options to meet your individualized and regulatory needs.  The Eurofins TestAmerica network has amassed extensive knowledge and experience supporting Subtitle C and D monitoring programs.   

To ensure the success of a long term monitoring program, Eurofins TestAmerica suggests involving the laboratory in the development of a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP).  The SAP documents key information that will be utilized in our programmatic approach.  Information in the SAP includes primary points of contact, sampling schedules, required reporting limits and background analyte concentrations present at the site.  Utilizing this information, Eurofins TestAmerica provides support to clients in the following key areas:

Sampling Support

Eurofins TestAmerica provides coolers, packing material, certified pre-cleaned bottles with applicable preservatives to prevent leakage, and pre-printed chains of custody directly to the sampling site or office.  Our bottle kits reduce the potential for error in the field by providing the correct containers with the applicable preservatives and the appropriate paperwork based upon the analyses outlined in the SAP. 

Laboratory Analysis

Samples received at the laboratory are logged into our industry leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) based on the information provided on the Chain of Custody and the SAP.  Sample receipt confirmation forms detailing sample collection information and requested analyses are sent to client contacts after receipt to reduce error potential, and ensure proactive communication with clients.

Data Delivery

Eurofins TestAmerica’s network of more than 80 locations across the nation are linked by a single LIMS, allowing Eurofins TestAmerica to provide clients with one report or EDD, regardless of where samples are analyzed within our network.  Our single LIMs platform also allows our analysts to perform historical data review and comparisons to background levels to identify data anomalies.  Once data is ready to report, clients have the option to receive their data in one of our 2,500 formats, as well as via our online data portal, TotalAccess®.  To learn more about Eurofins TestAmerica’s data delivery options, visit our Data Solutions webpage.  

Eurofins TestAmerica's Experience

Eurofins TestAmerica holds a national contract with a large waste management firm to provide sampling and analytical services throughout the United States. Eurofins TestAmerica conducts a wide range of environmental analyses for several hundred solid waste landfills under this agreement, assisting the client with meeting their regulatory compliance requirements.  In addition, at selected locations, OSHA trained field personnel are available to collect groundwater, surface water and leachate samples. Eurofins TestAmerica provides automated sample scheduling services, site specific sample kits, long term data management and client specific reports in a wide variety of formats.