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Landfill Gases

Landfill Gas and Ambient Air Monitoring Support From Eurofins TestAmerica

Eurofins TestAmerica’s air laboratories are respected for their 25 years of contributions to ambient air testing through participation in state and federal regulatory work groups and independent organizations.  Laboratory services available to the Waste Management Sector include landfill gas monitoring, perimeter monitoring and process monitoring for odor control.  Eurofins TestAmerica’s nationwide network of ambient air laboratories and service centers provide a full service solution for sampling equipment and analysis.  We work with our clients to deliver data that meets program objectives such as:

  • Projects on schedule and within budget. First time quality and reliability stem from more than twenty five years of experience, senior Project Managers and technical expertise.
  • Fast and consistent delivery of data, giving you cost-effective, time saving and 24/7 secure access through TotalAccess®, Eurofins TestAmerica’s online data management portal for project information.
  • State and NELAP accredited laboratories.
  • Convenience of scale and a nationwide footprint. We are your single source solution, providing full service air testing from one company.
  • Reliable availability of sampling equipment, including canisters, flow controllers, filters, fittings and a variety of sorbent tubes to assist in meeting time sensitive commitments.

We provide a broad range of capabilities for gases and volatile organic compounds using state-of-the-art instrumentation and experienced chemists to provide timely, cost-effective analysis using the following methods:

Test Method


TO-14A, TO-15 (SIM and Scan)

Volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons


Volatile organic compounds

ASTM D-1945

Landfill gases

ASTM D-1946 and 3C

Fixed gases

EPA 15/16

Sulfur and Mercaptans

EPA 25

Non methane organic compounds