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Emergency Response, Incident Response

Incident and Emergency Response Support

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Emergency Response Program

As the nation’s leading environmental laboratory network, Eurofins TestAmerica has been at the forefront in providing routine and specialized environmental testing in support of incident responses.

Timely and accurate environmental chemistry data is critical in assessing the potential impact of unintended releases of chemicals into the environment. We partner with our clients to provide a single environmental testing source for responses ranging from small, local releases to incidents of national significance.  To download our brochure on Eurofins TestAmerica's Emergency/Incident Response Program, please click here.

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History of our Emergency Response Support

Over the past two decades, Eurofins TestAmerica built systems, structures and capacity based on lessons learned from some of the most urgent incident responses including:

  • 9/11 Ground Zero response
  • Space Shuttle accident response
  • UPS anthrax scare response
  • MC 252 response at the Houma Command Center
  • Marshall Michigan pipeline oil release
  • Animas River Mine Release
  • Flint Michigan lead in pipes investigation
  • 16+years of train derailment responses, nationwide and from coast to coast

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Incident Response Program offers clients an engaged partnership with the benefits of scalable, flexible, and adaptable environmental testing support that includes:

  • Scalable testing support, flexibility in service offerings, and adaptability to evolving requirements.
  • 24/7/365 access to Eurofins TestAmerica’s Response Team.
  • 80 strategically located facilities nationwide to provide logistical support.
  • A dedicated Eurofins TestAmerica single point of contact for detailed coordination, planning and data delivery
  • Comprehensive environmental testing services for water, soil, sediment and air with unmatched capacity for rush turnaround support
  • Real-time online data access and EDD delivery via TotalAccess® to assist in the decision making process
  • Certifications/accreditations in all available states for a wide variety of programs.
  • Comprehensive service offerings for tiered responses.
    • Fixed based laboratory services
    • Sample management office
    • On-site/mobile laboratories
    • Dedicated Project Manager for detailed coordination and planning
    • Support staff and technical experts
    • Online reports, data access and EDD delivery via TotalAccess®.

Railroad Incident Response Case Study

Situation Overview

A derailment caused rail cars to go off the tracks in a remote location. The rail cars caught fire and slid into a river with a chemical reportedly leaking from some of the cars. The railroad company set up a response team to monitor the river for the presence of the chemical of concern and started a restoration and remediation plan to minimize the environmental impact. Throughout the incident, the client needed environmental testing data immediately. Eurofins TestAmerica's experienced incident response team worked with field contractors to minimize the potential impact to human health and the environment.

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Solution

Eurofins TestAmerica received an incident response call at 2:00 PM the day after the derailment and immediately mobilized to pick up samples that evening from a rural location.  In just 10 hours, Eurofins TestAmerica validated a modification to an EPA method for the compound of concern because it was not a part of the established EPA Method.  Lab personnel worked around the clock, 24/7, for ten consecutive days reporting time-critical data.  On many days, the lab received as many as 100 samples and reported data on a same day basis.  

Situation Result

A railroad’s mission is to conduct operations safely, ensure environmental responsibility and leave a positive legacy.   When an incident occurs, timely and accurate environmental chemistry data is critical in helping to assess the potential impact of an unintended release of chemicals in to the environment.  Eurofins TestAmerica's partnership with the railroad company provided a single environmental testing source for the incident response. Having a single source for all environmental testing data provided the client and their incident response team with the timely information that they needed to make critical decisions to protect the environment.



What Are Our Customers Saying?

".....your support was critical to our success during the train derailment and tank car fire emergency response. Your willingness to drive samples twice a day to your lab in order to expedite sample turnaround time allowed for quick evaluation of data, and enhanced our ability to make real-time decisions with our client, local agencies and USEPA. Overall, communication was excellent, and the onsite sample coordinator provided by TestAmerica was invaluable for the logistical management of sample containers, supplies, packaging and scheduling transport of samples. You are our “Go to Lab” for emergency responses...."