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Pesticides, PCBs and Other Organics | TestAmerica Laboratories

Pesticides, PCBs and Other Organics

Technical Expertise From Eurofins TestAmerica

Eurofins TestAmerica offers testing for organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides, PCBs, herbicides, explosives and other organic constituents.  These compounds, which are often associated with industrial, agricultural and commercial activity, may not readily break down in the environment and may persist in the surrounding water, soil or even air.

Extractable organic compounds are primarily analyzed utilizing gas chromatography with various detectors including electron capture detectors (ECD) and flame ionization detectors (FID).  Other organic techniques such as high performance liquid chromatography are also offered in our network.  Clean up techniques are often performed on the extract of more complex matrices to minimize interferences in the sample when necessary.  Eurofins TestAmerica will work with you to determine the best course of action to for your samples to ensure you receive the quality data you need.