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EGLE has Expanded their PFAS Target Analyte List

EGLE has Expanded their PFAS Target Analyte List

On October 1,2019 the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy [EGLE] has expanded their PFAS target analyte list.

EGLE has a minimum laboratory PFAS analyte list for the analysis of deer, drinking water, groundwater, surface water soil, waste water effluent and landfill leachate samples collected by Michigan's Department of Environment, Great Lakes, Health and Human Services, Agriculture and Rural Development and Natural Resources.

This updated list is consistent with the target analyte list identified by the U.S. EPA in the development of their Isotope Dilution method.

The EGLE PFAS Minimum Laboratory Analyte List was updated and posted under 'Testing and Treatment' then 'Sampling Guidance' at the bottom of the page. To view the list of 28 compounds in the updated document, click here.

This list now includes U.S. EPA Method 537.1 in addition to U.S. EPA Method 537 Revision 1.1.

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

Eurofins TestAmerica can support all 28 compounds listed in EGLE targeted analyte list in all matrices.

Eurofins TestAmerica understands the needs of clients undertaking sampling events to identify and monitor emerging contaminants such as PFAS. We have designed a program that leverages our 30 years of experience in LC/MS/MS technology to provide a quality and cost-effective solution to your analytical testing needs.

Eurofins TestAmerica offers the nation's largest LCMSMS capacity dedicated to PFAS testing, with over 30 PFAS related compounds at detection limits well below state and federal screening levels.

Quality encompasses more than just error-free and defensible data; our industry leading program also incorporates the technical guidance and expertise of our Experts to ensure that we understand your analytical needs and meet your data quality objectives.

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