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Radiochemistry and Mixed Waste

TestAmerica's Radiochemistry and Mixed Waste Testing Services 

Download a copy of our Radiochemistry Method and Sampling Guide for detailed information on our offerings or click on the following links to view our capabilities, which can be further filtered by lab, method, program or technique, and our certifications.

The management of radioactive and mixed waste (RMW) samples can be challenging due to the complexity of the sample matrix and its potential contaminants.  TestAmerica offers a wide range of chemistry and radiochemistry methods to assist clients in the management of RMW.  Our program is compliant with the guidelines set forth by RCRA, AEA, NRC and DOE.  Throughout our history, TestAmerica has partnered with clients to provide solutions that address some of the most significant environmental RMW issues. To learn more about the specific components of our program, please download our RMW brochure.

Each of TestAmerica’s RMW laboratories maintains radioactive materials handling licenses to ensure the safe handling and disposal of your samples.  Our staff, including sample receiving technicians, analysts and applicable support team members, all undergo rigorous radiation safety training to ensure the safety of our associates and communities.  Routine internal and third party audits monitor the effectiveness of our procedures as we strive for continuous improvement. 

TestAmerica holds certifications on both a national and state level to perform many analyses.  Our highly skilled analysts perform radiochemistry analyses from EPA, SW-846, ASTM, DOE-EML and Eichrom methodologies on matrices such as water, airborne particulates, tissues, soil, sediment, milk, fruits and vegetables for isotopes such as:

Americium-241, -243  Iodine-129, -131 Radium-226, -228  
Californium, Isotopic Iron-55 Radon
Carbon-14            Lead-210 Strontium-89, -90
Chlorine-36 Neptunium-237   Technetium-99
Curium, Isotopic Nickel-59, -63 Thorium, Isotopic
Gamma, Isotopic Polonium-210 Tritium
Gross Alpha Plutonium, Isotopic   Uranium, Total
Gross Beta Plutonium-241 Uranium, Isotopic