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Eurofins TestAmerica offers a wide range of chemistry and radiochemistry methods to assist clients in the management of Radionuclides and mixed waste.


Eurofins TestAmerica St. Louis' chemists are experts in dealing with the full scope of environmental media, including water, soil, sediment, concrete and buidling debris, vegetation and animal tissue, airborne particulates and food products.   The laboratory has analyzed hundreds of thousands of samples from routine monitoring programs, decomissioning projects, site investigations, waste characterizations and forensic investigations. The laboratory holds many state, federal and international accreditations and certifications.   The laboratory offers a comprehensive list of both naturally occurring and technologically enhanced radioisotopes, including: 

Americium, Isotopic Includes Americium-241 and 243 Polonium-210
Carbon-14 Radium-226 (Total Alpha Radium)
Chlorine-36 Radium-226   
Curium, Isotopic Includes Curium 242, 243/244, 245/246 and 247/248 Radium-228
Gamma Spectroscopy Includes NORM and TENORM * Radon-222
Gross Alpha/Beta Includes Gross Alpha using coprecipitation Strontium, Total-90
Iodine-129 Strontium-89, 90
Iron-55 Technetium-99
Lead-210 Thorium, Isotopi Includes Thorium-228, 229, 230 and 232
Neptunium-237 Tritium by Direct, Distillation or Cryogenic
Nickel-59, 63 Uranium, Isotopic   Includes Uranium-232, 233/234, 235/236 and 238.
Plutonium-241 Uranium, Total
Plutonium, Isotopic Includes Plutonium-236, 238, 239/240, 242 and 244  

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* Gamma Isotopes include but are not limited to:

Ac-227 Nb-95 Cd-109 Pm-144 Cs-134 Ru-103 Hg-203 Th-234
Ac-228 Nd-147 Ce-139 Pm-146 Cs-136 Ru-106 I-131 Tl-204
Am-241 Np-237 Ce-141 Pr-144 Cs-137 Sb-124 Ir-192 Tl-208
Ba-140 Np-239 Ce-144 Ra-223 Eu-152 Sb-125 K-40 U-235
Be-7 Pa-231 Cm-247 Ra-224 Eu-154 Sc-46 Kr-85 U-238
Bi-207 Pa-233 Co-56 Ra-226 Eu-155 Sn-113 La-140 V-48
Bi-210m Pa-234m Co-57 Ra-228 Fe-59 Th-227 Mn-54 Y-88
Bi-211 Pb-210 Co-58 Rb-83 Ga-68 Th-228 Na-22 Zn-65
Bi-212 Pb-212 Co-60 Rb-84 Gd-153 Th-231 Nb-94 Zr-95
Bi-214 Pb-214 Cr-51 Rh-106 Hf-175 Th-232