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High Resolution Pesticide Testing | TestAmerica Laboratories

High Resolution Pesticides

Ultra Trace Level Pesticides by Method 1699 (HRMS)

Based on various client requests, TestAmerica developed a High Resolution Mass Spectrometry option for Organochlorine Pesticides. In some cases, the routine method offering for Organochlorine Pesticide analysis was not able to provide the quality of the data required at the level of sensitivity needed.  The method is used to determine trace concentrations of Organochlorine Pesticide compounds in water, sediment and tissue matrices. The method has successfully been employed on water and sediment samples from clean and heavily polluted rivers as well as fish and other aquatic animals from salt water habitats.

Method 1699 utilizes soxhlet extraction as a means to efficiently extract and isolate target analytes from sediment and tissue matrices (liquid/liquid extraction for water matrices) and employs instrumentation capable of identifying exact mass fragments, providing unique characteristics and quantitation of target analytes. Quantitation accuracy and reliability are enhanced through the use of available labeled analytes. Analytes without labeled isotopes are quantified using a closely related internal standard.