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Wet Chemistry

TestAmerica's Wet Chemistry Offerings

For more information on TestAmerica’s wet chemistry offerings, please click on the following links to view our capabilities, which can be further filtered by lab, method, program or technique, and our certifications.

The wet chemistry departments of our laboratories perform analytical procedures to define and quantify the elemental make up or chemical characteristics of samples.  Most tests are in support of water quality testing programs, and include determinations such as pH, alkalinity, turbidity, total solids, nitrogen, cyanide, hexavalent chromium and BOD. Wet chemistry, or classical chemistry, tests often utilize a variety of analytical techniques such as titration, gravimetric and colorimetric procedures to quantify the levels of elements and compounds in a sample.  These are often refereed to as classical chemistry tests as they are the same techniques as those that are taught in high school and college chemistry classes!  Wet chemistry testing is not limited to liquid samples, as many are applicable to solid, waste and sediments and tissues

Leaching Procedures

Our wet chemistry departments also perform a variety of leaching procedures to simulate various environmental scenarios.  Our standard leaching procedures include TCLP and STLC/WET to simulate leaching through a landfill, and SPLP to simulate exposure to acidic rainfall.  For more information on these procedures, please visit our Waste Characterization page.   In addition to single-point pH leaching methods, TestAmerica also offers more rigorous leaching procedures through our LEAF program such as EPA Methods 1313, 1314, 1315, and 1316