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Perchlorate Lab Testing | TestAmerica Laboratories


Options for Perchlorate Testing

In the late 1990s, perchlorate was identified in drinking water supplies in California. It was associated with the use of ammonium perchlorate as a solid rocket fuel component.

In the early 2000s, ion chromatography analytical methods were developed to provide improved sensitivity for commercial laboratories. Many clients were concerned that the lower level ion chromatography (IC) methods did not provide the specificity required and would lead to false positives, especially in highly complex matrices impacted with salt and other materials.

TestAmerica developed a LC/MS method to offer the specificity and level of sensitivity required for complex matrices. TestAmerica also worked with the IC instrument manufacturer to establish an IC method with a mass spec (MS) detector to be able to provide an even lower level of sensitivity. These method options are now EPA methods. TestAmerica continues to offer our clients all three technologies — IC, LC/MS and IC/MS.