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Industrial Hygiene Sampling Equipment and Media, Cassette Filters, Passive Badges, Sorbent Tubes, Tedlar Bags, Cyclone Calibration Chambers, wipe testing

Sample Collection, Equipment Media and Shipping

​TestAmerica provides a wide variety of IH sampling media, pumps and equipment.

Pre-sampling Calibration

Calibration of sampling pumps, with media, can be performed to meet the requirements of the method and the client’s sampling strategy.

Sample Collection

Verbal and/or written instructions are provided for sample collection and the operation of the equipment.

Analysis & Post-sampling Calibration

TestAmerica will process all samples by the client specified methodologies. A post-sampling calibration will be performed immediately upon return of the sampling equipment to verify performance and proper calculation of air volumes.

Media available through TestAmerica includes:

  • Cassette Filters
  • Passive Badges
  • PAH Kits
  • Sorbent Tubes
  • Passive Monitors
  • PCB Kits
  • Wipes
  • Tedlar Bags
  • Flex Foil Bags
  • Sampling Pumps
  • Canisters
  • Cyclone Calibration Chambers