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Stationary Source Testing, U.S. EPA, CARB, ASTM, SW-846, SCAQMD, 40 CFR 60

Stationary Source Testing

Stationary Source Testing Overview

U.S. EPA regulates the emissions of pollutants from stationary sources through the Clean Air Act (CAA).  Stationary source testing, also referred to as stack testing or source emissions testing, is performed to help operators understand the composition of their emissions and to ensure that control measures are performing appropriately. Testing provides evidence that emissions meet permitted levels.  

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

Eurofins TestAmerica has a team of experts (see below) available to assist in project planning, method development and logistics.  Key considerations include planning for pre-tests and maximizing the opportunity for a successful permitting event, thereby reducing risk and the total cost of the permitting program.  Courier services are also available in the Eastern and Central United States to reduce uncertainty and risk associated with shipping samples by air or freight.

Information and data tables provided at the links below are designed to assist in the development of various plans under multiple source testing applications. The procedures and data quality objectives (DQOs) presented are established Eurofins TestAmerica standards. They are ready for inclusion into most plan documents as written. These documents may also be customized through consultation with the Experts listed below to support project specific applications. Information regarding reporting limits and control limits are available upon request because they routinely change and may not universally apply to all applications. The information is offered as reference material with the understanding that updates to EPA methods and SOPs are an ongoing process, requiring routine verification.

Working together with our clients, Eurofins TestAmerica helps to create analytical plans that meet permit and budgetary requirements. We use U.S. EPA, CARB, ASTM, SW-846, SCAQMD, 40 CFR 60 and specially modified procedures to provide solutions for the challenges presented by complex source testing programs.  Our offerings include a comprehensive suite of tests and services including:

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Comprehensive Stationary Source Testing Capabilities

For more than 20 years, Eurofins TestAmerica has supported the permitting of stationary sources including hazardous waste combustors (HWC), cement kilns, boilers, power generators and others. These permitting events have occurred under RCRA, TSCA and the CAA. Eurofins TestAmerica has assisted with the permitting of more than 250 different thermal units in more than 35 states, districts and territories. These thermal sources have included incinerators (hazardous, radioactive, chemical munitions and warfare agents, medical and municipal), boilers, furnaces, cement kilns, power plants and aluminum smelters, refineries and others. We also assist with other thermal technologies within various sectors of industry and government such as vitrification, waste to energy and process changes in industrial combustion units.

Eurofins TestAmerica offers the largest capacity and capability in North America for source emissions analytical support. Our laboratories support the full range of methods required by the U.S. EPA and other regulatory agencies including volatile organic sampling trains, total organics, PAHs, dioxins, PCB congeners, metals, particulates and hexavalent chromium.  We have been leaders in this testing for more than 20 years, and our personnel are respected for their contributions to source testing science.

Featured Experts in Source Air Testing

We encourage our clients to contact any one of our listed experts for assistance with plan development, or regarding critical sampling and analytical tasks.

Or please send inquires to:
william.anderson@testamericainc.com  and/ or patti.bales@testamericainc.com

Dr. William Anderson
Senior Chemical and Analytical Project Consultant

Source Air Specialists:




Donald C. Wasmund
Senior Analytical Consultant

Kevin S.

Trial Burn Project Manager

Patti B. Bales
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist