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Industrial hygiene testing, industrial hygiene analysis

Eurofins TestAmerica Industrial Hygiene Support

How can Eurofins TestAmerica help you with Industrial Hygiene Monitoring and Testing?

Partnering with Eurofins TestAmerica for your IH testing program ensures that you are proactively monitoring potential workplace risks.  Developing an IH program can seem like a daunting task.  Leveraging Eurofins TestAmerica’s experience and structured product offering can make the process easier and ensure your investment is worthwhile.  We offer a full range of industrial hygiene services. Eurofins TestAmerica’s extensive inventory of sampling media (including sorbent tubes and filter cassettes), pumps and sampling equipment (such as dust cyclones, canisters and flow controllers) are available when you need it, reducing your risk and the complication associated with managing an industrial hygiene program.

Our Industrial Hygiene staff will assist with the selection of the appropriate sampling and analytical methods from agencies such as NIOSH and OSHA. We will calculate air volumes and air concentrations, where applicable, in Total mg, mg/m3 and ppm, or Total µg, µg/m3 and ppb. We will include these calculations in the final report. Data from Eurofins TestAmerica's IH analyses are most typically used to determine OSHA compliance.

Eurofins TestAmerica is accredited by the AIHA-LAP, LLC under the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Assurance Program (IHLAP) for industrial hygiene analysis. Our laboratories participate in one or more of the following: IH-PAT, IHPAT-Be PAT, Phenova and LGC Standards.

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Method and Description                             Cedar Falls, IA     Phoenix, AZ
3M Passive Monitors: 3M Validation Reports & Sampling Info:OSHA 1004, 1005 and 111 (Modified); Volatile Organic Compounds X  
Assay Technology Passive Monitors: Validation Reports and Sampling Information; OSHA 7 (Modified); Volatile Organic Compounds    
EPA IP-6A and IP-6C; Formaldehyde    
EPA TO-11A; Aldehydes    

EPA 6010B – Environmental Lead: Soil, Paint Chip

NIOSH 0500; Dust, Total X  
NIOSH 0600; Dust, Respirable X  
NIOSH 1003; Halogenated Hydrocarbons X  
NIOSH 1005; Methylene Chloride X  
NIOSH 1007; Vinyl Chloride    
NIOSH 1010; Epichlorohydrin    
NIOSH 1015; Vinylidene chloride    
NIOSH 1022; Trichloroethylene X  
NIOSH 1300; Ketones I X  
NIOSH 1400; Alcohols I    
NIOSH 1401; Alcohols II    
NIOSH 1403; Alcohols IV    
NIOSH 1405; Combined Alcohols    
NIOSH 1450; Esters I    
NIOSH 1457; Ethyl Acetate    
NIOSH 1500; Hydrocarbons, BP 36 - 216 C X  
NIOSH 1501; Aromatic Hydrocarbons X  
NIOSH 1550; Naphthas X  
NIOSH 1602; Dioxane    
NIOSH 1604; Acrylonitrile    
NIOSH 1606; Acetonitrile    
NIOSH 1609; Tetrahydrofuran    
NIOSH 1611; Methylal    
NIOSH 1613; Pyridine    
NIOSH 1615; Methyl tert-Butyl Ether X  
NIOSH 2000; Methanol    
NIOSH 2016; Formaldehyde    
NIOSH 2532; Glutaraldehyde    
NIOSH 2546; Cresols    
NIOSH 5000; Carbon Black    
NIOSH 5039; Toxaphene    
NIOSH 5503; Polychlorinated Biphenyls, PCBs    
NIOSH 5506; Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons, PAHs    

NIOSH 5523 - Glycols

NIOSH 6009; Mercury    
NIOSH 6010; Hydrogen Cyanide    
NIOSH 6013; Hydrogen Sulfide    
NIOSH 7300; Metals    
NIOSH 7303; Metals  X  
NIOSH 7300/7303– Env. Lead in Air   X
NIOSH 7400, Asbestos and Other Fibers in Air by PCM Eurofins EMLab supports this method    
NIOSH 7600; Hexavalent Chromium (Soluble)    
NIOSH 9100; Lead on Wipes; Env. Lead in Dust Wipes    X

NIOSH 7906


NIOSH 7907


NIOSH 7908

NIOSH 9102; Metals on Wipes X  
OSHA ID-121/ID-125G; Metals    
OSHA 42; Isocyanates- HDI, 2,4-TDI, 2,6-TDI    
OSHA 47; Isocyanate- MDI    
OSHA 48; Naphthas    
OSHA 64; Glutaraldehyde    
OSHA 140; Mercury    

OSHA 145 – Particulate Mercury – Air and Wipes


OSHA 165 – Inorganic Acids


OSHA ID-188 – Ammonia

OSHA ID-215; Hexavalent Chromium    
OSHA 1004; MEK, MIBK    
OSHA 1007; Formaldehyde    
SKC Passive Monitors: SKC Validation and Sampling Information; OSHA 1001, 1002, 1004, 1005 & 111; Volatile Organic Compounds