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Industrial Hygiene Media List,  Sorbent Tubes, Filter Cassettes, Passive Samplers, Ghost Wipe

Media List

Eurofins TestAmerica offers the following sampling media for industrial hygiene sampling:

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Sorbent Tubes

Filter Cassettes

Anasorb 747, 200/400 mg

Glass Fiber Filter, 1,2 pp Coated, 37-mm, 3-piece

Anasorb 747 (Sulfuric Acid), 750 mg

Glass Fiber Filter, DNPH Coated, 37-mm

Anasorb Carbon Molecular Sieve Tube, 75/150 mg

Glass Filter, Mercuric Chloride treated; 37-mm

Anasorb Carbon Molecular Sieve Tube, 200/400 mg

MCE Filter, 0.8 micron, 37-mm, 3-piece

Anasorb C300 or Hopcalite tube, 200 mg

MCE Filter, 0.8 micron, 37-mm, 3-piece-Box of 50

Coconut Shell Charcoal Tube, 50/100 mg

MCE Filter, 5 micron, 37-mm, 2/3-piece, Matched Weight

Coconut Shell Charcoal Tube, 200/400 mg

NaOH coated, binderless quartz fiber filters (NaOHqz), 37-mm

Charcoal 600 mg - LOW SO4, Orbo 34

PTFE filter, 13-mm, 1 micron/150 mg Oxidizer impregnated charcoal

OVS-2 Tube (Quartz filter/XAD-2 Resin)

PVC Filters, 5 micron, 25-mm with GFF backup pad; 3-piece.

PUF Tube, 76-mm

PVC Filters, 5 micron, 37-mm: 3-piece or 2-piece.

Silica Gel tube, 50/100 mg

PVC Filter, 5 micron, 37-mm with Quartz Backup pad; 3-piece.

Silica Gel tube, 200/400 mg Specially cleaned

PVC Filter, 5 micron, 37-mm Pre-weighed; 3-piece.

Silica Gel tube, DNPH Coated, 150/300 mg - High Purity

PVC Filter, 5 micron, 37-mm Pre-weighed; 3-piece-Box of 50

 Silica Gel tube, DNPH Coated, 150/300 mg - w/ Ozone Scrubber

37-mm 0.8 um, cellulose nitrate pre-filter (particulates) + 37-mm 0.8um cellulose nitrate filter impregnated with Na2CO3

 Silica Gel tube, DNPH Coated, 150/300 mg

 37-mm Quartz pre-filter + 37-mm quartz Filter impregnated with 500 uL of Na2CO3

 Soda Lime tube, 200/600 mg

 37-mm Quartz Filter, binderless and heat treated

XAD-2, Quartz Filter Tube, 140/270 mg

Passive Samplers

XAD-2 tube, 50/100 mg

3M OVM 3500 - Passive Monitor

XAD-4 Tube, 40/80 mg

3M OVM 3520 - Passive Monitor

XAD-7 Tube, 50/100 mg

Assay Technlogy N546 VOC Passive Monitor

XAD-7 OVS Tube, 13-mm glass fiber filter

Assay Technlogy N566 VOC Passive Monitor

Anasorb 747, H2SO4 Treated, 500/250 mg

Assay Technology N571 Aldehyde Passive Monitor

Sampling Equipment

SKC Mercury Badge Holder, SKC 520-03

37-mm Aluminum Cyclone

SKC Mercury Badge Capsule, SKC 520-02A, Anasorb C300, 800 mg

37-mm Aluminum Cyclone Calibration Chamber

SKC UMEx 100 Passive Montior

37-mm Nylon Cyclone, Dorr-Oliver

SKC 575-001 VOC Monitor


Primary Calibrators

SKC 575-002 VOC Monitor


Field Rotameters

Media Kits

Pump, Low Volume Sampling Pump

PAH Kit (37-mm PTFE prefilter + XAD-2 tube, 50/100 mg)

PCB Kit (Glass Fiber Filter, 13-mm + Florisil Tube, 150 mg)


Wipe Media


Ghost Wipe