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Eurofins TestAmerica’s Tissue Support 

The chemical analysis of environmental tissue samples can provide information regarding the potential accumulation of chemicals of concern in the food chain.

Eurofins TestAmerica offers analytical methods that feature the use of reduced sample mass, while also providing ultra-low reporting limits for organic and inorganic parameters.  Tissue matrices supported include, but are not limited to, shellfish, macroinvertebrates, worms, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals, and vegetation. In addition to analytical testing, Eurofins TestAmerica also provides the specialized sample preparation and homogenization services required for all tissue projects, sample extract cleanup procedures and lipid analyses including Bligh-Dyer and other gravimetric methods.

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You With Tissue Testing?

Eurofins TestAmerica has extensive tissue analysis experience in association with indigenous species tissue measurements in support of the following:

  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Injury assessment requiring tissue measurements
  • Restoration monitoring including both pre and post-tissue measurement
  • Dredged material evaluation programs requiring benthic bioaccumulation tissue measurements
  • Bioaccumulation and bio-uptake study biota support
  • Fish consumption advisories

Our vast experience allows our labs to offer cost effective support for tissue projects ranging from highly complex investigations to routine sampling events.  Leveraging our nationwide laboratory network, Eurofins TestAmerica can provide you with a single source analytical solution, all backed by our industry recognized quality assurance program.

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Eurofins TestAmerica’s Solutions to Tissue Chemical Testing Challenges

In our 20 years working with complex tissue samples, Eurofins TestAmerica has developed the following solutions to tissue testing challenges: 

Testing Challenges

Potential Tissue Project Impact

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Solutions

Specialized tissue handling requirements including dissection, homogenization, lipids & moisture determination

Inexperience in tissue handling procedures can generate homogenate which is not representative of the sample received

Extensive experience in a wide variety of tissue matrices from fish, crabs, worms, macroinvertebrates and others.

Limited tissue mass 

Increased sampling costs or elevated reporting limits due to limited tissue mass

Analytical modifications that compensate for limited tissue mass resulting in lower levels of detection

Complex matrix interferences, including target and non-target compounds of concern

Elevated reporting limits, potentially exceeding project target limit requirements due to sample dilutions

Project specific sample organic extract cleanup strategies reducing both target and non-target interferences

Ultra-low reporting limits required to meet risk-based criteria

Data not meeting project targeted reporting limits

A continuum of analytical procedures from routine to ultra-low sensitivity, utilizing GC with various detectors and GC/MS, HRGC/HRMS  or LC/MS/MS