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Incremental Sampling Methodology, ISM, Multi-Incremental Sampling, Incremental Composite Sampling

Incremental Sampling Methodology [ISM]

TestAmerica’s Incremental Sampling Methodology Support    

For more detailed information on TestAmerica's Incremental Sampling Methodology offerings, please click here to download our brochure and white paper on Heterogeneous Site Characterization.

Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM), also referred to as Multi-Incremental SamplingTM (MIS) and Incremental Composite Sampling (ICS), is a structured composite sampling and processing protocol having specific elements designed to reduce data variability and increase sampling representativeness for a specific volume of soil under investigation.  The use of ISM requires the development of a well-conceived sampling plan developed by the entire investigative team, which consists of consultants, regulators, geologists, analytical chemists, and risk assessors.  TestAmerica supports ISM for site characterizations so our clients can sample with a plan, process samples with a purpose and make site decisions with confidence. TestAmerica offers a wide variety of options for projects requiring ISM support, including multiple sample processing options to support the project defined goals. We follow EPA, ASTM, Standard Methods and other approved methods for ISM support.

How Can TestAmerica Help You With ISM Sampling?

Since 2003, TestAmerica has been at the forefront of the evaluation and implementation of ISM at our laboratories.  Starting in 2009, TestAmerica actively participated with the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Counsel (ITRC) in the development of its ISM technical and regulatory guidance, and continues as one of the ITRC ISM trainers. TestAmerica has designed its ISM services as a turnkey solution for our clients to provide a single source solution for ISM and analytical support.  We offer detailed, technical support to the investigative team in the evaluation of ISM options, comprehensive ISM sample processing, and comprehensive organic and inorganic laboratory testing services.

TestAmerica’s Comprehensive ISM Laboratory Sample Processing Support includes:

Sample Conditioning

Air Drying

Sample Disaggregation

Particle Size Reduction


Mortar and Pestle

Ball Mill

Puck Mill

Analytical Splitting and Subsampling

Sectorial Sampling Splitting

One Dimensional Slabcake

Two Dimensional Slabcake

Riffel Splitting

TestAmerica has supported the following environmental tests for ISM processed samples:

Energetic including Explosives and Perchlorate

Metals including Mercury

Volatile Organics


Semivolatile Organics


PCBs [Aroclors, Homologs and Congeners]


Organochlorine Pesticides