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Eurofins TestAmerica's Remediation Soil Testing Program

Site remediations can be complex environmental events, requiring the coordination of many parties and activities.  Working with multiple laboratories adds unnecessary complications and risk to the remediation process, both of which can be eliminated when working with Eurofins TestAmerica.   Partnering with the nation’s leading environmental laboratory network for your remediation projects allows you to access the following benefits from Eurofins TestAmerica:

  • Dedicated Project Managers and single points of contact available to facilitate all aspects of your laboratory experience including pre-sample planning, bottle orders, courier support and data delivery.
  • Rush turnaround time available on most analyses to ensure results are available on schedule.
  • Unmatched analytical capacity from our nationwide network of laboratories.
  • Full portfolio of routine and specialty testing, including explosives and energetics, radiochemistry, dioxins and PCB Congeners.
  • TotalAccess®, Eurofins TestAmerica’s online data portal, providing access to your data 24/7/365, including the ability to compare results to regulatory and site specific limits with automatic highlighting of any exceedances.
  • Over 1,000 electronic data formats, ensuring you receive data in the format that suits your individual needs.
  • All Eurofins TestAmerica locations are linked by a single Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), allowing  Eurofins TestAmerica to generate one report with results from all network labs, reducing complexity and data management costs for our clients.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Eurofins TestAmerica customers also have access to world class asbestos, mold and bacteria testing from our sister company, EMLab P&K.  To learn more about services available from EMLab P&K, please visit their website.

TestAmerica's Remediation Testing Experience

  • Eurofins TestAmerica has been providing analytical services in support of a large remediation project at a mining site in Southern Nevada.  A full range of analytical tests are provided including: appendix IX volatiles and semivolatiles, metals, hexavalent chromium, pesticides, PCBs, cyanide, full wet chemistry analysis, NDMA, low level 1,4-dioxane, PCBs, perchlorate and radiochemistry analyses.  Eurofins TestAmerica’s service center in Las Vegas has been used to stage sampling equipment and provide courier service to facilitate moving large sample volume and time sensitive samples. 
  • Eurofins TestAmerica provides analytical support on a sizable (500+ samples per month) remediation effort for a large energy company located in the southeastern United States.  This project requires daily sample delivery to the lab, encompassing a 2-3 year project life cycle.  All samples are analyzed for a variety of metals and inorganic parameters on an accelerated turnaround to facilitate ongoing disposal and treatment decisions and minimizing costly project interruptions.  Client specific QA protocols have been established to meet data usability requirements and all data is provided in a Level IV data package.  Customized multi-file EQuIS deliverables are included with the delivery of each data set.