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Specialty Leaching Methods

Eurofins TestAmerica is at the Forefront of Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) Procedures Commercialization Efforts

Leaching is the partitioning of contaminants between a solid and liquid phase (assuming local equilibrium), coupled with the mass transport of the aqueous or dissolved constituents (aka leachate or eluate).   The extent of leaching is dependent on the site, material properties (chemical, physical and biological) and the length of time involved. 

Eurofins TestAmerica supports a wide array of client requested leaching procedures, including both routine and specialized methodologies.  In 2010, EPA published Background Information for the Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) Test Methods, EPA /600/R-10/170.  LEAF methodologies represent a considerable shift in leaching assessments.  While other leaching methods are typically based on single-point pH tests, LEAF methods are now published and validated SW-846 test methods. In 2012, Eurofins TestAmerica started to support a variety of  clients in various industries with these new methods.

Reference Method

Method Description

SW-846 Method 1313

Liquid–Solid Partitioning as a Function of Extract pH for Constituents in Solid Materials using a Parallel Batch Extraction

SW- 846 Method 1314

Liquid–Solid Partitioning as a Function of Liquid-Solid Ration for Constituents in Solid Materials using an Up-Flow Percolation Column Procedure

SW-846 Method 1315

Mass Transfer Rates of Constituents in Monolithic or Compacted Granular Materials using a Semi-dynamic Tank Leaching Procedure

SW-846 Method 1316

Liquid- Solid Partitioning as a Function of Liquid-Solid Ratio for Constituents in Solid Materials using a Parallel Batch  Extraction Procedure

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

The leachability of a material can be a primary performance parameter used to assess the placement or use of that material at a specific site. Eurofins TestAmerica works with your project team to review the available leaching tests and discuss which tests may be appropriate for your material and situation.

Eurofins TestAmerica has been supporting EPA LEAF Methods 1313, 1314, 1315, and 1316 since 2012 on a wide variety of materials including soil, sediment, stabilized materials, brick, road bedding, coal ash, fly ash and ash.  We have also developed modifications to EPA Method 1315 to address potential concerns associated with the method for organic constituents or concern utilizing either Polyethylene (PE) or Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS).

Analytical data can be provided in a format that can be uploaded into Vanderbilt University’s LeachXS Lite program which is a data management and visualization tool.

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Eurofins TestAmerica also supports many additional U.S. and international published leaching methods.  These tests can include batch extraction methods, where the solid material is challenged with one or more aliquots of a solution, or dynamic leaching methods where fresh solution is continuously supplied.  These tests can also be equilibrium based or mass transfer based tests.  Other leaching tests that we offer, in addition to the LEAF methods, include:

Eurofins TestAmerica's  Leachate Test

Reference Documents

Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure [TCLP]

EPA SW 846 Method 1311

Synthetic Precipitation Leachate Procedure [SPLP]

EPA SW 846 Method 1312

The Measurement of the Leachability of Solidified Low-Level Radioactive Wastes by a Short-term Test Procedure

ANSI/ANSI 16.1 - 2003

Standard Test Method for Shake Extraction of Solid Waste with Water

ASTM D3987-85

Modified Standard Test Method for 24-h Batch-Type Measurement of Contaminant Sorption by Soils and Sediments

ASTM 4646-03

Waste Extraction Test [WET] Procedures

22 California Code of Regulations [CCR] Appendix II

Modified Multiple Extraction Procedure [MMEP]

EPA SW 846 Method 1320 Modified

Monofilled Waste Extraction Procedure [MWEP]

U.S.EPA, 1986.  A Procedure for Estimating Monofilled Solid Waste Leachate Composition.  Technical Resource Document SW-924, 2nd Edition

Compliance test for leaching of granular waste materials and sludges

BS EN 12457-4

Australian Standard Wastes, sediments, contaminated soils Preparation of leachates- Bottle leaching procedure

AS 4439.3-1997