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Tire Antidegradant 6PPD-quinone in the Environment

Tire Antidegradant 6PPD-quinone in the Environment

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 1:30 P.M. EDT

About This Webinar:

The recent publication by the University of Washington (UW) in the scientific journal Science was a major breakthrough in understanding the challenges wild-run salmon face.  Every Spring and Fall, millions of Salmon up and down the West Coast voyage from the Pacific back into their native rivers and streams to spawn.  Unfortunately, significant numbers of Coho Salmon never make it to the spawning grounds and instead go belly-up and perish for no apparent reason.  This has puzzled scientists for decades. The cultural and economic impact of this die-off has only worsened with time and could threaten the future of wild Salmon overall.

The breakthrough at UW was identifying the acutely toxic compound to the Salmon: 6PPD-quinone.  The compound, 6PPD, starts as a tire additive designed to prevent tires from breaking down and aides in meeting federal safety guidelines. These important compounds are known as antidegradants and can protect tires from anything from sunlight to oxygen to extreme temperatures. In the very process of protecting tires from oxidation, 6PPD is transformed into 6PPD-quinone, which was unknowingly toxic to Coho Salmon. As tires wear, the worn rubber is continuously deposited on roadways.  This deposited material invariably makes its way into waterways through runoff from rains. Although rain naturally dilutes the runoff, the 6PPD-quinone was found to be toxic at the low concentrations found within streams and rivers.

It is only with excellent academic research that this breakthrough was realized and Eurofins as the global leader in environment testing is pursuing multiple pathways to support further testing for 6PPD-quinone. It is still unknown how widespread this compound is in the environment, but Eurofins maintains advanced instrumentation, much like the team at UW, to be able to confirm with absolute certainty the presence of 6PPD-quinone.  This webinar will discuss the emerging contaminant 6PPD-quinone and the means to quantitate it in environmental samples.   


A question and answer session will immediately follow the presentation.

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March 23, 2021 - 1:30 P.M. EDT


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The Presenter:


Andrew Patterson


Technical Director, Eurofins Air Toxics


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